This is the Neocortix Cloud API v1 documentation.

Using the Neocortix Cloud API, you can launch, monitor, and stop Neocortix Cloud instances. Also, you can fetch additional information and manage your public SSH keys.

The Neocortix Cloud API is a traditional REST API. You can call the Cloud API methods by sending GET, POST, and other HTTP requests to the Neocortix Cloud Server. The parameters must be encoded as JSON in the request body. For GET requests, it's also possible to specify parameters as part of URL, specifying key/value pairs after the '?' symbol and separating them with the '&' symbol.

There is some number of required HTTP headers to be passed in every Cloud API call:

  • Accept: application/json
  • Content-Type: application/json
  • X-Neocortix-Cloud-API-AuthToken: <YOUR-AUTH-TOKEN>
  • X-Neocortix-Cloud-API-Version: 1
The X-Neocortix-Cloud-API-AuthToken header must contain a valid authentication token. You can generate one on your API access page.
The X-Neocortix-Cloud-API-Version header is optional. If not specified, the latest supported Cloud API version is assumed. However, we recommend that you always specify it. This way your code won't be broken eventually, when we switch to a new Cloud API version.

Please refer to the following sections to learn about Neocortix Cloud API in detail:

Instance management

LoadTest management